Who are you?

I am…I am…

What follows “I am” ?

Your race? Sexuality? Relationship Status? Occupation? Personality trait? Weight? :/

My biggest struggle is simply saying I am….a Christian

(your thoughts)”Why? That’s stupid. It’s not a big deal.”

Well TO ME it is. We live in a world where you are judged and categorized the second you complete your “I am”.

The last person to say “I am a Christian” possibly hurt and was rude to you. The last person to say “I am a Christian” probably condemned you for your sexual orientation. The last person to say “I am a Christian” most likely didn’t show you the love of Christ. So, when I come strolling along and you ask me my religion-stating that “I am a Christian” makes you run for the hills.

The thing is I wasn’t avoiding saying “I am a Christian”, because I was trying to make you feel comfortable. I did it, because I was scared of how people would perceive me-just from those 4 words. I allowed fear and society to rob me of my identity

Don’t allow anyone to rob you of your identity. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to steal your crown and rob you of your power. DO NOT CONFORM TO SOCIETY JUST TO FIT IN.

You are YOU for a reason.

You are YOU for a purpose.

You are YOU….because how many more Beyoncé’s do we really need in the world? 

If someone inspires you, let them inspire you to be the greatest version of YOU possible.

That’s what my King, my God, has done for me. He inspires me to be the best version of ME possible. To live life on purpose and for a purpose. So, without further ado….

I AM A CHRISTIAN AND PROUD OF IT. I am not perfect. I can not promise that I will say everything right. I have not read the entire bible(yet). I will not judge or condemn you, because that isn’t my job-or any Christian’s job for that matter. I will project love to the best of my ability. I will pray for you, no matter the situation. I will encourage you to BE YOU, because that’s who we need! 


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