I feel like every time I have a topic for the next blog, something happens and leads me in another direction.

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With the recent passing of a incredible actor and comedian, Robin Williams-and it possibly being suicide. I am again head to head with one of the topics that breaks my heart.

Suicide…the word itself has a very eerie feeling.

Anytime, and I mean anytime I read or hear a story about someone who has committed suicide I just want to fall down and cry. I think of all the possibilities of how someone could have intervened. Did they not see the signs?

Were there signs?

I read a lot of stories where the loved ones will say, “They loved the world and was so happy all the time. We never saw this coming.”

Depression can have such a hold on people that it can tease them to see the light for one second and in the next make everything so dark. The fact that it can make someone feel like the only way to feel better is to take your life, not necessarily thinking of a peaceful afterlife, just not wanting to exist in this place and time. 

Transparency time: I battled with wanting a way out, so I’m not coming from a judgmental place.

My appeal to you is to PLEASE make sure you spread love as much as possible to EVERYONE. That you build someone up and never tear them down. That you walk by individuals and smile. A simple smile can be the highlight of someone’s day. Encourage your loved ones. Tell them that they are KINGS AND QUEENS AND TO NEVER FORGET IT!!!

Pray for one another, as I will be doing the same for you.

Let love spread like wildfire, eliminating all the hate on its path. 


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