I feel like recently there has been so much chaos going on in the world at the same time and it’s hard to keep track.

Christians being attacked. Police brutality. Racial tensions. Murders…and the list goes on.

I’m not ignorant to the fact that all these things have always been going on. I just feel like lately they are happening all at the same time and it’s hard to keep up. Everyone is judged by their peers, because they are giving more attention to this matter than this matter. When in fact, it’s just hard to put all of your energy into one thing and then something else happens the very next day.

I ask that at this time you #prayforpeace around the world. We can’t be every place at once, but we can pray for all of these issues at once. 

I serve a God that can be everywhere, so as I pray I know that He will extend His grace and mercy to these situations. Living during this time lets me know that we NEED God more than ever. 

Stand up for your cause, but do it peacefully. 

Donate to charities that will aid in these matters.

Reach out to others and raise awareness.

Sow love and knowledge into your communities.

Never stop praying.




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