Without a doubt, I believe that Christ is working through you to be the answer to a crying world.


To think that the stranger you just walked by is waiting to hear your story and how God brought you through, but you’re distracted by pointless things.

We blame the enemy for illnesses, drugs, alcohol, basically items. Guess what the enemy is doing the most of, but you have no idea….DISTRACTING YOU!…..what?!

How many hours are you on social media? How many times do you put off something for tomorrow? How many times do you say I don’t have time?

If you’re on social media, use it to shed light. If you get that thing done today, you can do something totally different tomorrow and you would obviously have more time, if you stopped putting things off and prioritized.

This may be coming off harsh, but you’re SO VALUABLE to lives being changed for the better around the world, but you’re distracted by things that ultimately don’t matter.

This is the year for authenticity. Dive in and be uniquely you and most of all stay FOCUSED.



Praying for all the heavy hearts.

Praying for peace in your families and your homes.

Praying that God gives you the strength to finish this year strong.

Praying that he restores your faith, so you can run this race knowing that He’s got your back.

Praying that you prosper in all areas of your life.

Praying for those who have financial struggles, that God will open the window of Heaven and rain down blessings.

Praying for those who need healing in their body or for a loved one. God is the Doctor of all doctors and I declare by faith and in the name of Jesus that you are healed.

Praying for those who stopped believing and need God to show himself. I pray that He whispers to your heart and shows himself to You in a new and beautiful way.

I pray for all those dealing with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I pray in the name of Jesus that those chains be broken from your life right now. I pray that He sends you grace and peace to get through this,

I pray that as a community of beautiful spiritual beings that we love one another and be the light of the world.

I pray that God blesses you more than you know what to do with it.

About 3 months left in 2014 (that was soooo fast!!) FINISH STRONG, DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!


Thank You for your love

Unfailing, never changing love

Constant love

No matter the situation love

You always have my back love

Never breaking your promises love

Wanting the absolute best for me love

Figuring out every detail of my life to perfection love

Protecting me from dangers seen and unseen love

When I feel ugly and you see beauty love

Loving me, before I even understood love

Seeing my mistakes and still choosing the Cross love

The true definition of love

If Jesus Walked the Earth Today.

Excerpt from a friend:

If Jesus walked the Earth today, how would He look?

He would look a little like you, a little like me

He would be clothed with humility and integrity

With a hat of understanding and hoodie of compassion 

With a shirt that reads:

Keep Calm and Follow Me

He would be transparent, so when you looked at Him

You would see your reflection

and when He saw you, He would see




Relationship vs. Religion

Two preachers walk into a church. One named Relationship,the other named Religion.

Relationship is excited to walk into church to worship God. Religion is excited to walk into church in its new suit.

Praise and worship starts and Relationship loves on God. Religion is partly praising God and partly spectating.

Time for the word and both have to give a brief message. Relationship’s message is part testimony and backing up scripture with how much God loves us. Encouraging us to live for God, because He is holy and wants to heal our broken hearts. Religion’s message is all about condemnation. Religion quotes scripture out of context and even though Religion may be trying to encourage believers, it doesn’t come from a place of love.

Relationship touches on sin, but reminds us that God will forgive if we come to him in honesty and wanting forgiveness. Religion touches on sin, expressing that you will go to hell, not really saying that there is a path for those who want better.

Relationship expresses that believers are needed in the world beyond the four walls of the church to touch lives and make a positive impact. Religion requires that you are granted permission to help others and only if you have certificates to qualify you.

Relationship preached the bible in all it’s truth, guided by the Holy Spirit. Religion preached scripture out of context to try and justify the points made.

Relationship had an altar call where many souls were saved, because they realized God’s love and felt like there is purpose on their lives-now realizing their worth. Religion had an altar call where many souls were saved. Those coming, because they now feared God, not a reverence like the Bible speaks of, but only fearing hell. Completely missing that God wanted more from them and with them.

I expressed it this way to illustrate a truth to a lot of people, who turn away from God because of an example they saw of a “Christian”. Too many of these “Christians” get the attention and lead people astray and ultimately hating all God stands for. I stand in the gap for all others who know the importance of a relationship with God.

I don’t care what you dress like. I don’t care what you look like. I don’t care whether you’ve been raised in church or not. I CARE that you hear the Gospel in truth and I pray God sends someone in your life to show you what it really means to be Christ-like. 

More important, get to know God for yourself, because who else knows ALL of you and still loves you as if you are perfection.

 “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” 1 John 4:7 NIV


A poem from a great friend of mine:

I hurt silently
No one hears my pain, No one feels my shame

No one knows my sorrow, No one sees my guilt

On the outside I smile and laugh, On the inside I drown from my own tears

It is easy to put on a disguise to misguide people who are looking, but can’t see that something more is really bothering me

They ask how are you and I reply fine, from their perspective I seem to be all rainbows and sunshine

No one takes the time to stop

No one takes the time to listen

No one cares about my soul being in anguish

No one cares about my bones being in agony

No one cares that my heart is dismayed

One day when I’m feeling at my loneliest

One day when I’m in despair

One day when I’m feeling insecure and inadequate, all I have strength enough to do is cry

I’m too weak to pray

I’m too weak to hold on to the little faith I’ve kept

I’m too weak to fight against the negative seeds the enemy plants in my mind

All of a sudden I feel at peace and know God is fighting for me, His army of angels are protecting me.