Without a doubt, I believe that Christ is working through you to be the answer to a crying world.


To think that the stranger you just walked by is waiting to hear your story and how God brought you through, but you’re distracted by pointless things.

We blame the enemy for illnesses, drugs, alcohol, basically items. Guess what the enemy is doing the most of, but you have no idea….DISTRACTING YOU!…..what?!

How many hours are you on social media? How many times do you put off something for tomorrow? How many times do you say I don’t have time?

If you’re on social media, use it to shed light. If you get that thing done today, you can do something totally different tomorrow and you would obviously have more time, if you stopped putting things off and prioritized.

This may be coming off harsh, but you’re SO VALUABLE to lives being changed for the better around the world, but you’re distracted by things that ultimately don’t matter.

This is the year for authenticity. Dive in and be uniquely you and most of all stay FOCUSED.


Long Time.

Haven’t been on here for awhile :/

I made this blog with one purpose to give God glory. With that being said, I only want to say what He puts on my heart to say. A LOT of the time I feel like it’s not “blog-sized”enough, as far as length….but fret not!

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Have a blessed day/evening…..TTYS !!


Maybe if we realized how BIG You are, we wouldn’t worry…

Perhaps if we believed that you do everything perfectly, we wouldn’t stress out….

If we reminded ourselves daily of how GOOD You are, we would trust You…..

If we understood that You have plans to prosper us and give us a future and a hope, we would have faith….

If we meditated on the FACT that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD, then we wouldn’t let temporary hard times crush us…..

Maybe, just maybe we could live a carefree life KNOWING that God’s got your back and wouldn’t allow anything to happen to you that He hasn’t already planned out a solution for……easier said than done?

It’s all perspective.

Choose the light, choose joy, choose peace, choose LOVE.