Being a Christian isn’t easy….

This post is not to complain, because I LOVE my life in Christ. It’s to shed light on the simple truths that people may not tell you when you welcome salvation….

1. You lose people

You start falling in love with God, and sometimes you may be the only person for a while that is committing and one by one they all flee. When those people flee, God replaces them with incredible, God-fearing, world shakers that awaken something in you and causes you to be a better you.

2. Self-condemnation

You begin to feel guilty with every single thing you do, sometimes it’s hard to sleep because you can’t stop thinking about yesterday’s mistake, but in those moments God gently whispers in your ears “Christ died for you, so you can live. I LOVE YOU and nothing will ever change that.”

3. You have to reassess everything

You may have been going down a path that doesn’t align with the path that God uniquely created for you, so now you have to start from point A and figure it all out……..actually, you just start from where you are because God has it all already figured it out and He knew you would get to this point before you did.

You know now that I think about it being a Christian isn’t hard at all, life without God is hard. Waking up everyday relying on your strength, depending on your own schemes, self-soothing with temporary things. Been there done that and I wouldn’t trade my new found freedom with anything.




Without a doubt, I believe that Christ is working through you to be the answer to a crying world.


To think that the stranger you just walked by is waiting to hear your story and how God brought you through, but you’re distracted by pointless things.

We blame the enemy for illnesses, drugs, alcohol, basically items. Guess what the enemy is doing the most of, but you have no idea….DISTRACTING YOU!…..what?!

How many hours are you on social media? How many times do you put off something for tomorrow? How many times do you say I don’t have time?

If you’re on social media, use it to shed light. If you get that thing done today, you can do something totally different tomorrow and you would obviously have more time, if you stopped putting things off and prioritized.

This may be coming off harsh, but you’re SO VALUABLE to lives being changed for the better around the world, but you’re distracted by things that ultimately don’t matter.

This is the year for authenticity. Dive in and be uniquely you and most of all stay FOCUSED.

The Journey.

What does it take for you to move your feet?

What does it take for you to be bold and step out of the boat?

How many lives do you need to know are dependent on you walking in your God-given purpose?

We put a lot of stipulations on when, how, and where we are going to move when God instructs.

The author and finisher, we call Him.

The Alpha and Omega, we call Him……Yet, we are willing to walk in circles over and over again in order to fulfill what we deem is the right way.

I plead to you today to allow God to instruct your every move and TRUST that He will never leave or fail you. Learn from others mistakes. Don’t always wait for bad circumstances to learn the lesson. Let the Israelites motivate you……would you rather a 10 day journey or 40 years?! It’s up to you…..


A poem from a great friend of mine:

I hurt silently
No one hears my pain, No one feels my shame

No one knows my sorrow, No one sees my guilt

On the outside I smile and laugh, On the inside I drown from my own tears

It is easy to put on a disguise to misguide people who are looking, but can’t see that something more is really bothering me

They ask how are you and I reply fine, from their perspective I seem to be all rainbows and sunshine

No one takes the time to stop

No one takes the time to listen

No one cares about my soul being in anguish

No one cares about my bones being in agony

No one cares that my heart is dismayed

One day when I’m feeling at my loneliest

One day when I’m in despair

One day when I’m feeling insecure and inadequate, all I have strength enough to do is cry

I’m too weak to pray

I’m too weak to hold on to the little faith I’ve kept

I’m too weak to fight against the negative seeds the enemy plants in my mind

All of a sudden I feel at peace and know God is fighting for me, His army of angels are protecting me.


Who are you?

I am…I am…

What follows “I am” ?

Your race? Sexuality? Relationship Status? Occupation? Personality trait? Weight? :/

My biggest struggle is simply saying I am….a Christian

(your thoughts)”Why? That’s stupid. It’s not a big deal.”

Well TO ME it is. We live in a world where you are judged and categorized the second you complete your “I am”.

The last person to say “I am a Christian” possibly hurt and was rude to you. The last person to say “I am a Christian” probably condemned you for your sexual orientation. The last person to say “I am a Christian” most likely didn’t show you the love of Christ. So, when I come strolling along and you ask me my religion-stating that “I am a Christian” makes you run for the hills.

The thing is I wasn’t avoiding saying “I am a Christian”, because I was trying to make you feel comfortable. I did it, because I was scared of how people would perceive me-just from those 4 words. I allowed fear and society to rob me of my identity

Don’t allow anyone to rob you of your identity. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to steal your crown and rob you of your power. DO NOT CONFORM TO SOCIETY JUST TO FIT IN.

You are YOU for a reason.

You are YOU for a purpose.

You are YOU….because how many more Beyoncé’s do we really need in the world? 

If someone inspires you, let them inspire you to be the greatest version of YOU possible.

That’s what my King, my God, has done for me. He inspires me to be the best version of ME possible. To live life on purpose and for a purpose. So, without further ado….

I AM A CHRISTIAN AND PROUD OF IT. I am not perfect. I can not promise that I will say everything right. I have not read the entire bible(yet). I will not judge or condemn you, because that isn’t my job-or any Christian’s job for that matter. I will project love to the best of my ability. I will pray for you, no matter the situation. I will encourage you to BE YOU, because that’s who we need!